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Will Acadamiacs go along with my child’s school curriculum?

We’re sure of it! Our comprehensive library has over 2000 songs for grades Prek – 12, there is something for everyone all the time.

What happens in my child’s brain when he sings the Acadamiacs songs?

It’s totally turned on and ready to process information at an amazing rate! Music and movement are the power switches to the brain. The cutting edge research of neuroscientists Daniel Levitin and Oliver Sachs conclude that the brain is at its optimum learning capacity when music is the delivery system.

Why does singing educational information work so well?

Singing to learn is awesome because it uses more parts of the brain in the learning process. Music activates the limbic system where emotions and attention span originate, long term memory areas of the brain retain what was sung because music is emotional. According to leading neurologists from top Universities, music, specifically singing, really fires the brain up! That’s when learning becomes fast, easy and most of all fun!

I am a teacher. Can I use Acadamiacs songs in my classroom?

Absolutely! Singing information is one of the best ways to engage all learning styles at the same time. Classroom use is one thing we had in mind when writing these songs for you. Additionally, a substitute teacher would find a great resource.

What exactly does Acadamiacs teach?

Acadamiacs teaches virtually all of the information for grades Pre k – 12 and beyond through songs and creative movement. Our comprehensive library has over 2000 songs just for you! History, science, math, geography, astronomy and grammar are just a few of the subject areas. Take a look at the complete table of contents, here’s a link #@&$%#@&. Each song title is descriptive of the lyrics in the song. We’ve divided the songs up into Preschool elementary, middle, high and college level so you can quickly find what you need. Commitment to quality is our #1 goal.

What makes Acadamiacs better than other methods?

Since more parts of the brain are used when singing than in any other activity or function, learning becomes faster and easier. (Oliver Sacks, M.D., Professor of Neurology, Columbia University). Additionally, singing coordinates the brain into integrated thought – the basis of critical thinking. This is why we do not forget words to songs. Singing academic information gets the student actively involved in the learning process. This focuses his brain and attention span to optimize learning potential. But all the children know is that Acadamiacs makes learning fun!

What makes so special?

Everything! Acadamiacs makes learning fun! It’s easy to learn a song and it’s so much more interesting to move around while singing. We’ve utilized cutting edge technology too. The latest scientific research proves that this method works. But all the kids know is that Acadamiacs is FUN!

Is my child safe on

Your child is 100% safe and protected while he explores the site! No pop ups, ads or links will appear to distract your child from their learning or lead them to an inappropriate or unsafe internet location. Additionally, we keep the information you share with us confidential. We do not ask children for any information so you can rest assure that is child – safe. We value the well being of our subscribers and their family members.

How long will it take for my child to learn a song?

A lot less time than you think! The more your child listens to the songs, the faster he will learn the lyrics. And be sure to join in on the fun. The family that sings together learns together!

My child doesn’t like to sing. Will Acadamiacs still work?

Most definitely! Because sung words are processed by more parts of the brain than spoken or read words, singing the Acadamiacs songs still gets in. The mere activity of listening to them deposits the information in the songs into long term memory. Don’t be surprised to catch even the coolest kids humming after listening to a few songs!

Is my toddler old enough for Acadamiacs even though she is not speaking yet?

Oh yes! That’s why we’ve created Acadamiacs JR for you! If you are singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star for you child, they are ready for Acadamiacs songs! Your child learns what you teach her. She probably already knows the words to the songs you sing and will begin singing along with you around 24 months. Parents should not wait to sing to their child and play music until they start to speak. Singing will actually stimulate the centers for speech in the brain, so be sure to sing every day!

Is good for high school and college students?

Our comprehensive collection of in depth formulas, unparalleled lists and every fact imaginable makes the songs indispensable for learning advanced material. It’s just plain easier!

Is Acadamiacs good for my special needs child?

Most definitely! Because sung words are processed by more parts of the brain than spoken or read words, singing the Acadamiacs songs is just perfect for those who learn a different way.

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Why should my preschooler learn advanced songs?

Preschoolers are smarter than you think! They are capable of learning just about anything as long as singing is the delivery system. Also singing and making music lays synaptic pathways in the brain. This makes learning now and in the future easier – and more FUN!

Can our day care center use

Of course! We have special discount packages for schools and day care centers. We believe your parents will greatly appreciate the educational opportunity and mental stimulation you will provide their child with And when they find out how much their child will be learn through Acadamiacs JR, be on the look out for accolades of praise and thanks!

Can my young child watch by himself?

Sure, and you can rest assured that we have gone to great lengths to provide your child with only the highest quality of educational material on our 100% child safe site. Parental involvement does make a big difference in every child’s education so try to participate as much as possible. The family that sings together learns together! Is available on mobile devices? Absolutely! Take us with you wherever you go!

Who created

The team includes devoted educational specialists, a talented group of creative artists, amazing designers, techies and a musician or two. Our management team has many years of international experience in business and the education fields. We’ve put our expertise to work for you!

How can I hear more about music and learning?

Spreading the word about learning through music is our passion! Schedule an exciting 2 or 4 hour seminar for teachers and parents! Music, Learning and the Brain : Why all academics should be taught through music is inspirational, interactive and highly informative. We go in depth about how the brain processes information when music is the delivery system but it’s surprisingly easy to understand. Click here for scheduling information. We would love to come share with your group!

What is Acadamiacs JR?

Now this is exciting! Acadamiacs JR is reverse engineering of education for children under 5 years old. This method delivers academics to youngsters exactly the way their brains learn best – through singing and dancing. Since all children love music and moving, we serve up interesting facts with beautiful graphics all set to melodies they know and love. This gets their whole body actively engaged in learning and moving. Now you don’t have to choose between fun and learning, you have Acadamiacs JR!
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Here’s a sample list of just some of the things Acadamiacs JR imparts to sharpen your child’s mind:

• All of the continents, oceans & planets • Sign language, history, manners • All 50 states and capitols, phonics, blends, whole words • We sing the presidents in order & learn map facts • All the countries in North & South America and Europe • World famous places, geography and astronomy • Musical signs & symbols, major scales, notes & rhythms • Multiplication tables (2 – 13’s) • A good chunk of the Periodic Table of the Elements • The major bones in the body & organs too • Animals, addition, fractions and more! Acadamiacs JR is a feast for the mind and the eye! Parents often comment on how much fun they have learning the songs too. Being able to share in this wonderful experience with their child, every member of the family can participate and get excited about education. At we love, therefore we teach. It comes down to this: children learn what they are taught. If you teach your child to sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat, that’s what they will learn. If you teach them to sing their multiplication tables and all of the countries in North America, that’s what they will learn. Let’s raise the standard because we love our children! Our little ones are capable of learning far more that we can imagine and Acadamiacs JR delivers success!

How old does my child have to be to do Acadamiacs JR?

Does your child like for you to sing to him? Does your little girl love music and rock back & forth smiling with enthusiasm? They are ready and it is never too late to start! We totally encourage parents and caregivers to learn the songs and activities we do in Acadamiacs JR. The songs and methods will stick! How cool it will be for strangers to stop you in the store commenting on how nicely your 2 year old sings the presidents in order. Acadamiacs JR is meant to engage little ones of all ages who want to be just like YOU! Since love for our children is the motivation, only the best will do!

I don’t want to push my child. Is Acadamiacs JR a good fit?

It’s a perfect fit! Children under 5 are naturally driven to learn. Education should always be exciting and we’ve made Acadamiacs JR just that- fun, engaging and a totally active experience. Giving your child the love of learning is one of the best things you can do for them. The lessons are short enough for limited attention spans and long enough for information to get in. What’s neat is that their brain stays “turned on” and they able to learn easier after singing and dancing. A child will not feel pressured or forced if they are having a great time. Now you don’t have to choose between fun and learning, you have Acadamiacs JR!

How should we watch the Acadamiacs JR library?

Watch it with those you love then keep singing all day long! We’ve gone to great lengths to deliver just the right number of fun songs and exciting activities in every lesson. Watch the same lesson a few times a day for a couple of days and then move on to the next one on the list or skip around! Just have fun! You and your child will begin to memorize the songs to sing throughout the rest of your day. Acadamiacs JR will lay the foundations your child needs to build a powerful vocabulary, a command of facts and most importantly a love of learning. The more you know the more you can learn. Review your favorite lessons anytime and enjoy the feeling of success with your child. We will always be adding cutting edge techniques and more lessons to the Acadamiacs JR library to stay fresh and new! When your child is able to talk or if they are already, you will most likely be amazed at the knowledge learned from Acadamiacs JR that they apply in their everyday life.

Is Acadamiacs JR appropriate for my special needs child?

Most definitely! Acadamiacs JR serves up pure brain stimulation through all of the singing and moving. You may find the sign language of special interest as it encourages communication. Therapists tell us that as parent and child enjoy learning the Acadamiacs JR library, the interaction enriches all aspects of the developing child no matter their ability to learn, giftedness or delays. We hope our cutting edge scientifically based teaching strategies become part of your daily teaching tools. We believe everyone can succeed!

Will singing help folks with dementia and Alzheimer’s?

Absolutely! Singing lowers stress levels, coordinates brain activity, organizes synaptic firing and draws out facts stored in long term memory. Most importantly, it can be a special activity that you can participate in with a loved one when communicating about daily life becomes limited.

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