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Professional Development



Professional Development Workshops and Seminars can be tailored to fit your needs. Schedule a 90 minute - 8 hour presentation to equip your educators with inspirational tools to motivate and energize students.

Connections: Brain Development Workshop

November 1 & 2, 2013, Virginia Beach, VA
January 31 & February 1, 2013, Fredericksburg, VA
February 21 & 22, 2013, Norfolk, VA 

Connections presents the latest scientific findings about how to organize the brain. Many educational, social and emotional delays are due to certain brain processes and stages being incomplete. Connections explains how to finish the incomplete stages which has a tremendous impact on every area of a student’s life. Retained primitive reflex identification and integration is taught. Attendees learn basic processes of the sensory systems, how to “hook up” the areas of the brain affecting ADD, ADHD, autism and sensory processing, daily exercises for immediate implementation and how to teach more information in less time to even the most resistant student. Connections is an equipping, enlightening and empowering workshop every teacher, parent and administrator should attend.

Music, Learning and the Brain: Why all academics should be taught through music

March 8, 2013 Regent University

Acadamiacs is inspirational, interactive and highly informative. We go in depth about how the brain processes information when music is the delivery system but it’s surprisingly easy to understand.  We would love to come share with your group! 

Attendees to our interactive Music, Learning and the Brain: Why music is the best way to teach academics will experience the following:

• How music turns the brain on to learnevents
• Music and memory
• Why music is the best delivery system for teaching academic information
• What happens in the brain when learning through singing and moving vs traditional teaching methods
• Scientific data and findings supporting music as a delivery system for learning
• Audience participation, demonstration groups, media presentations
• Learning Styles, Sensory Dominances, Right and left brain hemisphere processing
• Self analysis and teaching strategies

 Here's what Music, Learning and the Brain attendees have to say...

 "This was the best! It’s different refreshing and FUN!
- Gail D., middle school teacher
"Very engaging! A lot of Fun! Acadamiacs does not feel like memorization. It is actually learning!"
- Sharon T , high school teacher
"This was one of the best seminars. It was informative as well as entertaining. Music and movement to learn is very motivating!"
- Chante J. Elementary school teacher