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Conventions, Seminars, Workshops

Spreading the word about learning through music is our passion! Schedule an exciting 2 or 4 hour seminar for teachers and parents! Music, Learning and the Brain: Why all academics should be taught through music is inspirational, interactive and highly informative. We go in depth about how the brain processes information when music is the delivery system but it’s surprisingly easy to understand. CLICK HERE TO BRING ACADAMIACS TO YOUR EVENT. We would love to come share with your group!

Educational Leaders

Thank you for exploring Excellence is our goal and teaching is our passion!

Our comprehensive song library is unparalleled. For grades Pre K – 12 and beyond, teachers, students and parents will discover how fast and easy it is to learn through singing and creative movement. We’re not just talking about memorizing some facts on a list to write on the next test. Acquiring information through singing really facilitates learning. Now you do not have to choose between offering music and core curriculum subjects, you have!

Dr. Oliver Sachs, Professor of Neurology at Columbia University, concluded from brain imaging that more parts of the brain are used in processing music than in any other activity. That’s why we never forget what we sing. Additional benefits from learning through music include lowered stress levels, a change in attitude – for the better, and most importantly the reorganizing of how the brain is firing. Learning through singing patterns the brain into integrated thought, the basis for all critical thinking skills. The latest scientific data overwhelmingly supports the effectiveness of teaching academics through music for all ages and grades. We have the tool to make this possible for everyone. utilizes the latest technology making the interactive features easy for students, parents and teachers to use. Our 2000+ songs and lyrics are viewable on computers, smart boards and all mobile devices so learning does not end with the bell. This allows parents the wonderful opportunity to get involved! has safe forums and chat rooms for networking. Finding songs containing specific information is easy and fast. We even suggest related songs and offer discounted subscription rates for schools.

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